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Precious Lamb is a California State approved Quality Family Childcare Home in the Family Child Care Network Program (FCCN) through Children’s Home Society of Long Beach (CHS) and the STEPS to Excellence Program through the Los Angeles County Office of Education. We are rated semi-annually according to the state mandated Family Child Care Rating Scale that sets the standard for family child care and was nationally recognized by KCET's A Place of Our Own.

At Precious Lamb, it is our goal to provide a balance of social, emotional, intellectual and physical stimulation which is essential for the development of the whole child in addition to specializing in working with at-risk children with behavioral, development and social/emotional needs.

We strive to support:

Children Socially and Emotionally by providing staff that are responsive to the individual child while encouraging self-care and independence;

Children Intellectually by providing opportunities that reflect the child’s interest. These opportunities provide time for interactive exploration while also providing a unique and exciting learning experience. Furthermore, activities prepare children for future life experiences and

Physical Development by providing a well-balanced diet, an outstanding play ground and a variety of physically stimulating activities.

Our role at Precious Lamb is to guide children through their active cultural learning adventures and experiences. While it may look like ‘play’, it is our philosophy that experimentation, exploration and questioning are the natural mode of learning for the young child and it is our desire to provide a balance of intellectual stimulation, emotional support and physical nurturance for your child and we will not settle for less!

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